About Us

Who we are

Certus Oil & Gas is a private junior oil and gas company focused on producing conventional light oil in central and southern Alberta.

Operational focus

Certus Oil & Gas operates conventional light oil producing properties and aims to optimize corporate value through operational efficiency, workovers and completions.

Central Alberta Operations

Certus’ operations are focused in the Medicine River field in central Alberta. This prolific area is dominated by oil production from the Leduc reef trend, and includes significant production from the overlying Duvernay, Pekisko, Nordegg, Rock Creek, Ellerslie, Glauconitic, and Second White Specks reservoirs.

The Medicine River field is located within a short drive of nearly all oilfield service provider’s bases in central Alberta, resulting in lower costs and more operational flexibility. In addition, all wellsites are accessible year-round and fully connected to the Certus-controlled pipeline gathering system.

Efficient Operations

Certus’s focus in a contained geographic area, combined with high working interest ownership of wells, pipelines, and processing facilities, allows for effecient and low-cost operations. Since taking over field operations in Q2, 2017, Certus has driven operating costs down from $26/boe to $19/boe. This, combined with light oil-dominated production (80% oil/20% gas), and increasing oil prices, has driven netbacks up from $10/boe to $26/boe.

Generating Value

Certus Oil & Gas will generate corporate growth through the drill bit and strategic acquisitions to generate strong returns for our shareholders.

Adding Value Through Optimization

In its first year of operations, Certus has focused on optimizing production from existing wells, and testing new plays through recompletion of suspended wellbores. This has resulted in production being nearly doubled; in combination with lower operating costs, this is generating healthy cashflow from operations.

Growth through the Drillbit

As part of its optimization and recompletion activities, Certus has identified three new plays on its existing land base. Two of these have been tested by Certus, proving oil production from vertical wells. The third play is a previously recognized, but undeveloped, gas and liquids play. Certus intends to commercialize and develop these plays through horizontal drilling. In part due to its control and ownership of infrastructure in the area, Certus has the potential to grow production and corporate value by more than 5X over the next 3 years.